Meet Chris Devine – Founder of Devine Branding

Chris Devine

Chris is a no-nonsense business mind and one of our key creative partners. Even among truly gifted creatives, Chris is the rarest kind. He brings to the table an uncanny command of visual communication and yet somehow no ego at all. Every idea we throw at Chris comes back better (and faster) than we can imagine.

In his own words

Over an almost 20 year journey as a Graphic Artist, I think I can honestly say that I’ve seen and done it all. From branding start-ups to building critical corporate assets, I’ve always focused on using the best tool available to create the most powerful experience. Understanding the diversities of digital, the mechanics of offset printing, and the intricacies of website architecture is all just part of the job.

Without a doubt, my greatest reward is working with wonderful customers. From design concept to project completion, I believe I have developed a talent for understanding what a client needs, wants, requires and expects. Maintaining a professional attitude, creating a positive experience, and delivering a return for the customer is a daily commitment.

Above all, people are what fuel my passion for design.