Meet Elijah May – Managing Partner & Lead Experience Designer

Elijah May

Elijah just wants you to create more extraordinary experiences for your customers. He believes – and will tell anyone who will listen – that we that the greatest ROI comes from investing in people.

Favorite Question: What would happen if you were nicer to people and did more interesting things?

In his own words

Steven Covey says you can’t talk your way out of a situation that you’ve behaved yourself into. Similarly, I believe you can’t talk your way into a great reputation; you have to earn it.

In my career, I’ve negotiated with Hollywood studios, coordinated with the United States Secret Service, managed celebrity events, facilitated CEO roundtables, lectured at colleges and universities, testified as an expert witness on branding, served on city boards and committees, moderated numerous conferences, created a ground-breaking fast-pitch event for social innovators, piloted a public speaking program for an international corporation, and spent countless hours trying to understand what makes people tick.

If all of that experience taught me anything it’s that CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WINS. If you can get really clear on who your customers are and create an experience that no one else is willing or able to, the competition won’t know what hit them.