Meet Alora Chistiakoff – Founder of Firebird Summit

Alora Chistiakoff

Before helping us create The Experience Firm, Alora built an international, e-commerce juggernaut that took some of the world’s biggest brands to places they’d never been. Afterward, she created an organizational culture consulting practice called Firebird Summit. Not surprisingly, she’s remains our go-to leadership advisor. If you ask her how she built an eight-figure company in under two years, with over 200 employees in seven different countries, she’ll tell you that it all comes down creating a culture that makes growth possible.

In her own words

Since 2000, I have led high-performing teams in complex service delivery environments. With a focus on team-building and strengths-based leadership, I have overseen and executed major international initiatives for both global brands and bootstrapped start-ups.

Leveraging an employees-first philosophy, my teams have delivered both major and unprecedented technical projects, as well as unexpected organizational and revenue growth. By focusing on cultivating an organizational culture that prides itself on accomplishing the impossible while recognizing the contributions of both individuals and teams, I have been able to do more with smaller, nimble, geographically-distributed teams than many of my better-funded peers.

As a strong advocate of strengths-based leadership, I work with individuals on my teams to understand their natural talents, and then work with them on how to leverage those strengths for both their long-term career development and immediate-term team accomplishments. By leveraging techniques such as the Meyers-Briggs and StengthsFinders2.0, my goal is to get to know my team and help them get to know each other, so that each person’s natural talents have the opportunity to be leveraged for the team’s success — helping both the group and the individual accomplish their goals. I firmly believe that win-win scenarios constantly available to us, we just have to find them and take advantage of them.

Like most ENTJ’s, my personal strengths (StengthFinders2.0: Activator, Strategic, Significance, Focus and Command: are in identifying the necessary components of successful team, organizing them into a functional unit, and then leading them to tackle a seemingly impossible challenge. And, just like most people who excel at that type of thing, it also happens to be the thing I most love doing.