Meet Adam Marino – He’s Talented & Crazy

By the second time we worked with Adam on SXSW, we knew he brought something truly unique to the table. His extraordinary combination of curiosity, creativity, and confidence (it helps having been an actual rockstar) make Adam a one-of-a-kind experience creator. Now a devoted husband and father, Adam may have calmed down a little, but he still gets us fired up.

In his own words

When I was 14 years old I told my mom, I WANT TO BE A ROCK STAR WHEN I GROW UP!!
So I became one.
Achieving that taught me something… most of the time, what think of as end goals are really just milestones. As long as you’re alive, there is always more to experience and to learn.
So I continue to grow, learn & create every day. For all I have done, I am just getting started.
In my music career, I had a prosperous solo career but also performed with others, wrote songs and produced music videos. I found success with a few different groups, but really lived out my dream with modern rock act vs. the earth in 2010. By rejecting the industry’s status quo, which typically takes everything from the artist, I was able to leverage that record deal and transform the band into an international media brand, that included:
  • a men’s clothing line
  • women’s clothing line
  • a baby’s clothing line
  • a seasonal beer
  • 3 types of distilled spirits
  • a digital media arm

The trademark of that company later became the backbone for my own entertainment company, VTEntertainment, which allowed me to expand into distribution, artist management & brand development.

As of late, I have been consulting companies on creating a logistical and decisive path to success. I’ve accepted the nickname “I am a genie in jeans” and my focus is simple: execution.
I will always be an artist by heart, but having be one professionally for over 25 years has shown me how to help others achieve their wild dreams and that’s what drives me most.
True. Authentic. Uncompromising. Success. In the face of impossible odds.
Nothing more rockstar than that.