Meet Elijah May – General Troublemaker

Elijah May

As managing partner, Elijah leads the charge on convincing companies the create extraordinary experiences for their customers. By connecting our remarkable experience creators with companies looking to do remarkable things, he believes we can prove that the greatest ROI comes from investing in people. A passionate public speaker, Elijah often presents on the art and science of experiential marketing.

In his own words

When building relationships, I think it is critical to set clear expectations. I call myself a troublemaker because I tend to shake things up. As Steven Covey says you can’t talk your way out of situation you’ve behaved yourself into. Similarly, you can’t talk your way into a great reputation; you can only earn it by doing things worth talking about.

In my career, I’ve negotiated with Hollywood studios, coordinated with the United States Secret Service, managed celebrity events, facilitated CEO roundtables, lectured at colleges and universities, testified as an expert witness on branding, served on city boards and committees, moderated numerous conferences, created a ground-breaking fast-pitch event for social innovators, and piloted a public speaking program for an international corporation. Through all of it, I’ve come to believe in people, in purpose, and in possibilities.

I’ve had a remarkable career and I have the remarkable privilege of getting up every day and trying to make people’s lives better. I have absolutely no doubt that the greatest ROI comes from investing in people. That’s why, lately, I’ve been focused on injecting love into business just to see what happens.