Some questions

are more important than others

Q: What exactly is an Experience firm?

An experience firm is a consultancy that specializes in pushing the outrageous envelope. Companies like ours – and there aren’t very many – help other organizations embrace and nurture the kind of ideas that typically get discarded. We help you move past the fear and focus on the opportunity to build a more remarkable relationship with your customers.

Q: Why are you obsessed with creating remarkable customer experiences?

A remarkable customer experience is ONLY thing that can make your marketing efforts more effective or even completely unnecessary.

Q: What does being obsessed with remarkable customer experiences mean?

It means we examine, evaluate, re-evaluate, and scrutinize who your customers are, what matters to them, and what you can do for them that no one is willing or able to. It means we figure out what’s stopping your customers from becoming raving fans and then we fix it.

Q: What does it mean to turn pits into peaks?

The greatest opportunity in all of business is the opportunity to deliver an amazingly positive experience where the opposite is expected. Turning your pits into peaks means evaluating you entire customer journey, identifying the least pleasant aspects of that journey, and finding a way to turn those experiences into something truly remarkable.

Q: What is a lightning strike?

A lighting strike is an exquisitely coordinated, one-time, customer experience event designed to drive unprecedented attention to something your company is doing.


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