Meet Jason Jepson – Paradigm Pusher

Jason Jepson

Jason is a creature of unicorn-like rarity… a true PR strategist. We can neither confirm nor deny that he turned down an offer to run PR for one of the most powerful and soul-sucking companies in the world, but we can tell you that he has placed stories on BusinessWeek, CNBC, ABC, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Elite Traveler, Go Magazine,, ESPN, and at least one bathroom wall.

In his own words

Paradigm Shifter – Coffee Trailblazer – Certified 80’s Movie Buff – Beer Evangelist – Wanna Be Pizza Ninja

I am father to one beautiful baby girl (Harper), proud partner in The Experience Firm, and a delighted Austinite. I formerly studied Communications and Rhetorical Analysis at Vanguard University, ran PR at several financial services companies, founded and served as CEO of Screaming Monkey and Star38, and headed up Biz Dev at Andruw Inc. I stay pretty busy. I will bend your words like Uri Geller’s spoons.

[Click HERE to view Jason’s rather awesome media deck]