We Design Brand Building Publicity Stunts & Viral Marketing Campaigns

There are only two reasons to hire The Experience Firm:

1. You need to generate a whole lot of attention in a very short time

2. You want people to love your company the way they love their dog or their alma mater or their favorite hobby

Our backstory:

In 2010, five years before the firm was founded, co-founder Elijah May gave his very first public presentation on the topic What Makes Marketing Go Viral? Since then he has studied the topic in depth, meeting others along the way — several of whom have now joined the ranks — who also spent countless hours exploring the art of engineering an extraordinary experience.

What we have learned collectively — through research and whole lot of trial & error — is that there is a profound difference between simply creating a viral sensation and designing a customer-centric, brand-building experience.

Quite frankly, you just have to be crazy to do the first one. To achieve the second one, however, requires a very special mix of caring, creativity, courage, commitment, and context. We call it an extraordinary cocktail. Our focus now is on creating the perfect extraordinary cocktail for each and every one of our clients.

Our mission:

Our mission is to show companies how to multiply their current ROI by investing in people.

Our core philosophy:

  • Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing.
  • People talk when they have an extraordinary experience.
  • If you want more business, you need to create a better experience.

Our core principles:

  • Challenge the status quo

Playing it safe is the riskiest thing you can do. We believe that courage is the most valuable currency.

  • Make things better

Business is about improving people’s lives. We believe in looking for opportunities to do something meaningful every day.

  • Do things worth talking about

The world is full of unremarkable people doing remarkable things. We believe that being amazing is a choice.

  • Cut the crap

You can’t talk your way out of situation you’ve behaved yourself into. We believe you have to earn the reputation you want.

Our disclaimer:

Yes, there’s a catch. Creating an extraordinary customer experience is not a casual commitment; it has to be a top priority. Everyone wants a huge return on their investment, but surprisingly few invest their money in people, where it can have the greatest impact. It takes a certain amount of courage to demonstrate to the world that you truly care about your customers.

If you’re not quite ready to smash the box, light it on fire, and roast some s’mores, it’s okay. We get it. Change is scary. Maybe our book will help. It should be ready in 2017.

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